Yes, We Did.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

                                                                     Helen Keller

 The 2016 Cast of Listen To YOur Mother Show, Atlanta, Georgia!

The 2016 Cast of Listen To YOur Mother Show, Atlanta, Georgia!

Me too. Me too! Wow.  I had no idea. REALLY. Wow. Thank you. Me too-I thought I was the only one.   These words were said over and over again to each other by the members of the Atlanta 2016 Listen To Your Mother Show. We not only told our stories, but WE listened to each other's stories. What I learned and observed encouraged me. We could run the world--really. Each honored and respected each cast member for the unique woman that she is-- meeting each other right on her own doorstep of life...and opening the front door, welcoming them into their home, their heart, like a long lost friend--allowing each woman to be herself--whatever that looked like.

I feel blessed and lucky enough to be one of the members of this talented group—-not to be on stage, or to read my own story, but to just get to know these other ladies. Each lady ROCKS life in her own special way.  One fellow mom whips out her boob as fast as her one-liners nursing her youngest before she went on stage. Another gal made her own outfit that was a stellar piece of fashion. One encouraged me to do a little bra shopping, and one reminded me that I can do more than I think I can in a day—she works, goes to school, raises a son in a thoughtful manner…and still finds time to write.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed sharing my story—kind of.  For some reason, which  I am still evaluating, I auditioned with an essay that was the most painfully honest thing I’ve ever written. And I usually like to tell a funny story.  I feel compelled to entertain and delight an audience—not knock them on their ass with a hard truth.

I missed the first rehearsal. So the first time I met everyone it was in a cool hip part of Atlanta with no parking…a group stood on the sidewalk waiting to get into the restaurant…while I parallel parked in front of them—no pressure!

 I felt like the sober partygoer who shows up and everyone is already connected in deep and meaningful ways…and I still didn’t meet every LTYM 2016 member until the last rehearsal.  So as I reflect on the experience—I guess I am sad. I am sad that it is over. I was just getting warmed up. I wanted to sit and visit with each and every one of them. To know the humans behind the blog posts and Facebook pages, to soak up their enthusiasm for life…to remind myself: I am not done. I am not done.

I used to be funny. I can dance on tables—sober.  My daughters get all their beautiful abundant energy-- honestly. But as my husband says—you are just now getting your fastball back…and he’s right. After losing our Julia, it has been hard to be honestly light hearted.

Reading at the Listen To Your Mother Show was a remarkable, game changing experience. I will keep these ladies and their stories in my heart and mind forever.

Their passion poked my latent passion--to keep moving and grooving the way we mothers know how…and I am forever grateful for their positive energy…each is a force and I am proud to be a LTYM member.  Thank you, ladies and Benjamin.