Tricia writes true stories, essays on sustainable living, food,and motherhood. Featured in Loose Change, Bloom, Georgia Gardening, Fayette Woman, and other small periodicals she is currently working on expanding her audience. 

She loves to tell true stories live and is a regular at Carapace, was a cast member in:

Tantrum November,

Edge of Night 2016  Southern Order of Storytellers

Listen To Your Mother, 2016

 As a child she would write plays and get the neighborhood kids of Parana Lane in Houston, Texas to put on a show in her garage. She would sell tickets to her parents, her neighbors and serve Kool- Aid and animal crackers.

Things she loves:


Sparkling Wine

Her girls Meredith, Mallory and Julia

Her husband,Bern

A good Cheeseburger

Love In the Time of Cholera

Jane Eyre

ern Brown's, The Gift of Imperfection

A nap on the couch with her dog Hiker

A good sunset

Things She Avoids:

Mean people



The scale.





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